No Man’s Land is OUT

Cover NML 100x156 widgetI admit it. This book took me a while to write, but I’m proud of the result. You know what they say about all good things, right? 🙂

See the New Releases page for details and a buy link.

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The Flamboyant Flamingo is released

Final Grunge Cover 200x300 AReThis was originally published as The Blue Paradise, but after I got the rights back from the publisher, I decided to give it a facelift. It got a new cover and additional scenes were added, and the whole thing went through the beta and editing process again. I think it’s a much better book this time around. I hope you agree. 🙂

$3.99 at Amazon and ARe

Blurb: Benched for a minor knee injury, pro baseball player Devin Carter recuperates on beautiful Islamorada in the Keys, where he meets Jim Dellwood, half-owner of a run-down resort. The attraction is immediate, the chemistry is good, but it’s not love yet. They agree to stay in touch but keep things casual.

Back in Sarasota, Devin hooks up with another player for no-strings sex but quickly realizes Jorge Rodriguez, newest teammate for the Suns, has a different take on their relationship. With things heating up between him and Jim, Devin tries to break it off, but Jorge won’t take no for an answer.

Set in Florida, the sun-drenched land of eternal summer, and played out against the backdrop of high-stakes baseball, this tale of love and obsession will keep you awake long into the night.


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New Releases: Phoenix and Half Moon House

Phoenix Fen widget 100x150Phoenix was released last week. This was previously published as Phoenix Rising through Dreamspinner Press, but I got my rights back, made some changes, and here it is. 🙂 Be sure to read the blurb; although Talis is still bisexual, and Artemis is still gay, Rachel takes lead in this version.

I refuse to let myself be defined by what has gone before. I intend to explore any and all orientations because people fascinate me!


Cover original widget 100x150Just out at All Romance eBooks: Half Moon House. Look for it soon at Amazon.

I’m very excited about this book. Again, I’m exploring various sexual orientations and genders.

Blurb: Abandoned by an industry that has been decimated by the economy, and struggling in a marriage that isn’t quite the stuff of dreams, Jon Donovan is ready for a change. It appears in the shape of Cass Allen—as comfortable in a skirt and heels as he is in jeans—who has happily spent his life drifting from place to place and job to job.

Pragmatic and practical meets mystical and magical as they start a new business, help solve a murder, and are blindsided by a devastating betrayal neither of them saw coming.

The tiny house community has two new advocates, but Jon and Cass will only find their happy ending if they are willing to give up who they were and become the men they are supposed to be.

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The Haunted Maze is finally out

Read more about it here.

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Weatherboy is Released!

Go to new releases and check it out. 🙂

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Lavender Rose is here!


LRose Antique Cover 300x468Precipitated by an unexpected encounter with another man, Malcolm Hale flees a marriage that no longer fits and a soul-sucking job he hates. When his car breaks down near Naples, Florida, he stumbles onto the grounds of the luxury gay resort, Lavender Rose, asking for help. The concierge, Tristan Bellers, takes one look at him and offers him a job. With bridges burned behind him and nothing to look forward to, Mal accepts and becomes immersed in a seductive, private world of beautiful men and tantalizing sexuality. But even as Mal tries to work out where he belongs, and with whom, a hurricane approaches, threatening destruction… and death. A killer has been waiting for an opportunity, and the time to strike has arrived.

Buy Links: Amazon (mobi), All Romance eBooks (PDF, ePub)

Genre: m/m, contemporary, graphic sex


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Wolf Bound is Released

Release day review at Mrs Condit and Friends! It gets 5 sweet peas. 🙂

Whether you have read Mr. Fenraven’s other books or not, you really should pick this one up and savor it. It cements his reputation as a writer of great talent who can take on a variety of topics and make the stories his own.

Get it at Amazon (mobi) or All Romance eBooks (PDF, mobi, epub) for $3.99.

Much thanks to my beta readers! They made sure everything was correct. Check the dedication to see who they are.

Hop on over to my blog for an excerpt.

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